Collaboration with corporations and non-profit organizations

A place to meet the talent you are looking for

Every year, more and more companies are looking to break out of the routine process and pursue HR activities.

  • Recruitment of new graduates and mid-career full-time employees
  • Employment of contract employees, part-time workers, etc.
  • Shift to job-based employment
  • Conclusion of partnerships with subcontractors and sole proprietors

qube cafe values the curiosity of the participants themselves, and provides an environment that naturally nurtures connections between individuals through various activities.

  • Find what you love (create a specialty)
  • Deepen knowledge (theory) and skills (practice)
  • Acquiring humanity (self-reliance, ability to take action, perseverance, ethics, and morality) that can be used in business through communication that transcends generations
  • Think about and practice fairness in society

What is important in work is not only knowledge and work experience, but also a personality with a total balance including humanity is required. Individuals with excellent character can play an active role as high-value members in companies and organizations.

Encounter with individuality and mutual understanding

In today’s world, valuable recruitment is not “one-sided from the company side” but is born from “mutually recognizing relationships”.

When a company is involved in a qube cafe, it starts from the same perspective as the people who actually gather at the qube cafe.

It is a place for mutual understanding that cannot be obtained through document screening or interviews in a limited amount of time.

First of all, you can see each other’s humanity and philosophy by getting to know each other thoroughly without work.

So if there is someone who feels like “I want to work with this person”, it will naturally flow like that. If you are looking for the ideal way of personnel affairs for the future of your company, please come to Cube Cafe.

Consultation on IT systems used in business

How much are you paying system integrators and software vendors? Do you have a system worth the money? Also, does the system company know your company intimately and is able to propose the best solution for each individual company?

From my many years of experience in the IT industry, I know that cases like the above are extremely rare. We have members who can face and respond to IT issues related to business.

Cooperation with government and public organizations

As part of welfare for the elderly

Our welfare model may be a little different. The scope of qube cafe’s responsibility is to improve the QoL (quality of life) of the elderly and provide a place where mental health can be obtained through purpose in life.

Through IT, we are involved with elderly people who are retiring from the front lines of society as follows.

  • Elderly people and young people can enjoy brain exercises by learning IT together and getting involved in young people’s life issues.
  • Witnessing the challenges of the younger generation and being able to give advice to the extent possible
  • By staying close to young people who are struggling with life, we can help them find a guidepost in life.
  • You can share the knowledge and experience of your active career with young people

The benefits mentioned above are not just for the elderly. Young people also need the life philosophy, experience and knowledge of those of you who are older.

Independence support

The “proposals for independence” that occur at qube cafe are not programs or seminars, but rather concrete things that face individuals.

  • It is precisely because we can get to know people’s personalities, environments, and worries through heartfelt relationships that we can make suggestions like, “If that’s the case, why not do this?”
  • An environment that supports people who cannot step forward
  • Advice from people who have lived through various real-life experiences and experiences

External training, seminars, system development

We provide training and seminars for organizations such as organizations and companies that are active in the region to deal with IT more effectively. We can also propose a new system if necessary. It is possible to provide heart-to-heart IT services that can only be realized by having a common desire to improve the region.

Collaboration with educational institutions

qube cafe assumes the following relationships with institutions.

  • Local elementary and junior high school
  • University
  • Research Institute
  • Community Lifelong Learning Program
  • After-school day service, terakoya, cram school, school children

qube cafe is a place where people who are strong in IT gather, but it is also a place where people with various experiences other than IT gather.