It was February 2020 that we started our activities in Arakawa Ward, downtown Tokyo.

At the beginning, I focused on the role of “a salon where anyone can consult about troubles with smartphones and PCs”, but the purpose of establishing this qube cafe was not only that.
Nowadays, the connections between people in the community are weakening, and there are fewer places where people can have heartfelt exchanges. I would like to break through such a situation, expand salons where people can gather to regions around the world, and connect those regions with the power of IT.

Now in its third year, qube cafe attracts people of all ages, from young to old. There has also been a trend to start something new with friends while talking freely and sometimes having heated discussions.
If such activities spread around the world, the possibilities are endless.

The blog that conveys our activities still has only Japanese content, but if you are interested, please read it. Today, there are many high-performance automatic translation services that can be used for free.

Japanese version of the blog:

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