Improve IT literacy

Creating an environment for everyone to think about what IT is

As with many technologies, whether IT (information technology) is good or bad for our future depends on how it is used and the thoughts of its users.

What does IT, already indispensable to our lives, bring about? Shouldn’t it be all of us, not some experts, who should think about it?

Laozi “Give a person a fish and they will eat for a day”: Don’t give people fish, teach people how to fish

Many IT technologies are prepared so that even non-experts can handle them relatively easily. For example, word processors, spreadsheet software, communication apps like LINE, SNS like Facebook and Twitter, etc. are all not made for engineers who have received specialized training, but can be used by anyone with a little learning. It was created to be.

In the world, there are many companies and individuals who do business by acting on behalf of others without teaching them what they can do on their own if they teach them properly. If I were to compare it to a car, would you rather drive yourself or hire a driver?

Q3 LLC, which operates qube cafe, is an IT professional. We will not act for you to be able to do it with a little lecture. Also, I don’t intend to charge a high fee for teaching. The more people involved with qube cafe know about IT, the more things they can do on their own. At the same time, you will be able to make decisions about things that should be left to professionals, and you will also understand what you can achieve by leaving them to professionals. When you really need the help of an IT professional, we will provide professional work for a fee.

The value of next-generation education

At qube cafe, we provide education not only for beginners, but also for those who aim to become professionals in the IT industry and those who are currently working as professionals. Even if you say IT in one word, it is not only programming and system knowledge, but also basic design and detailed design of the system, management method of development project, method of defining customer requirements, method of maintaining production quality, from business issues There are various skills, such as methods that lead to effective proposals and effective methods for approaching management issues. Our mission is to provide flexible support that matches the skills and needs of our customers.

In addition to activities at qube cafe, we intend to provide such education in various forms, such as free and paid seminars, temple school-like events, and IT classes. I hope that the new “IT professionals” born from this will play an active role in various regional activities and industries by utilizing IT.

In this day and age, when IT professionals are in charge of a narrower and deeper role, we need professionals who have a broader perspective and who are capable of acting with a thorough consideration of the interests of the other party (customer). These things cannot be learned from IT or math textbooks.

Through community-based activities such as qube cafe, we believe that human growth will be possible by interacting with people with various life backgrounds regardless of age or gender.

Connecting communities with modern salon culture

As a place where local culture is rooted, I would like to foster a place that bears the past salon culture where artists such as Picasso and Hemingway gathered, as well as temple schools in the Edo period.

One of our aims is to integrate IT, which is one of our strengths, to connect salons in distant regions and to exchange cultures. qube cafe aims to expand to various regions in Japan and abroad.

If there is a place where various exchanges and discussions are possible in the region, we can expect the creation of new value from there. Each community is full of diversity, and connecting regions will be an opportunity to create even more new things.

Definition of service scope

Conditions for consultation at qube cafe

Must have the intention to learn

At qube cafe, we don’t do what you can do for you. If the work is done on your behalf, you will be charged a fee.
The purpose of qube cafe is to improve the IT literacy of as many people as possible.
We are IT professionals. If you tell me, anyone should be able to do it, and I won’t charge you a fee. We will work with you slowly and carefully until you understand. The important thing here is that you remember. We are doing qube cafe to support you until you can do what you can.

Be for yourself

We will spare no effort to realize what you want to do independently, not the work that someone asked you to do. qube cafe is based on the premise that you can use it to realize your own dreams and solve your own problems.

Paid for commercial purposes

If what we provide is for commercial purposes, we will quote separately.


How much does qube cafe cost?

The fee is 100 yen or more, and you decide the amount. Pay for what you feel. The fee received will be used for the operation and development of qube cafe. From March 2022, we will publish monthly income and expenditure on this site.

I don’t know what I don’t know.

First of all, please come to qube cafe. Let’s speak slowly.

I want to master the app.

If you don’t understand, I will teach you again and again. The reason why we don’t understand is often because we don’t understand the reasoning. We teach from reason.

Even if I learn, I forget again.

It’s all too common for us to forget knowledge that we don’t use right away or that we don’t really need. You don’t have to worry because I will teach you carefully as many times as you like.

Don’t you have teaching materials?

Materials are used in the seminar held on the 3rd Sunday of the month, and will be published on this site and will be kept at the Cube Cafe as a text. In the future, I would like to enhance the content such as videos in addition to text.

How is qube cafe different from computer school or smartphone school?

The basics of qube cafe is “Teach each other” where people who understand teach. In addition, by teaching not only how to operate, but also “why it is so” and “how it works”, it will be a useful learning.

I want to create a website.

Depending on the purpose of the site you want to create and what you want to post, we will propose the easiest and most suitable method. And let’s learn to do it together.

I want to make effective use of SNS.

We can also talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using SNS, what kind of SNS was established, how it was established, and whether it is in line with your purpose. We will also teach you how to use it.