At qube cafe, we are looking for friends. Please contact qube cafe for details.

Management members (Secretariat)

  • A member who sympathizes with the philosophy of qube cafe and has expressed the necessary leadership for its continuation and development.
  • Strategy, consultation, planning, execution and management necessary for the continuation and development of qube cafe
  • We actively participate in the qube cafe itself and the development that comes from it.

qube cafe member

  • A member who plans and executes one of the following activities, or multiple activities and quests
    • qube cafe (Monday)
    • Sunday qube cafe (3rd Sunday)
    • Tech meetups
    • qube cafe online
    • Various quests

Support member

  • Do one of the following as best you can:
    • Support those in need at qube cafe (Monday)
    • Lecturer at the Sunday qube cafe (3rd Sunday)
    • Provide opinions and advice to management and management members

Quests in progress

Here are some of the quests currently in progress. Members are being recruited one by one, but some quests have conditions. Please contact qube cafe for details.

Non-profit commercialization of qube cafe

  • Ensuring continuity and management of qube cafe
  • Promoting non-profit business

Business expansion of qube cafe

  • Promoting business expansion of qube cafe
    • Deepen cooperation with corporations and governments
    • Increase the number of qube cafe activity bases (domestic and international)

IoT device prototype development (1)

  • Trial production of patented products using various sensors and cameras

IoT device prototype development (2)

  • Planning, design and development of interesting IoT products used at qube cafe

Web system development (1)

  • Design and development of a web system that supports local activities more happily

PR activities

  • Spread the activities of qube cafe to the world with a media mix that includes reality
  • PR activities using books, audio, and videos